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The  success  of  any  website  invariably  depends on  the website ranking high in search listings. When web users enter keywords in the search  engine  toolbar, the  search engine bots  scour the  World  Wide Web  and lists out what  it considers  to be websites most relevant to the input keywords. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is making websites as search-engine friendly as possible. A website that does not  pay   much  attention   to   SEO  considerations   is unlikely to figure in the top page of online searches, and most users  would remain unaware  of its  existence even when the  website delivers  top-notch  content and images.


On Page Search Engine Optimisation


On page SEO is making the optimal use of web content such as titles, heading, tags and other elements to ensure that the web page ranks high in search engine listings.

There are several time-tested principles that result in the search engine ranking a web page high. For instance, using header tags to label different heading appropriately allows the search engine to distinguish between headings and ordinary text and identify web pages where the keywords figure in the headings. Ensuring each page has unique content and that only one version of the website exists prevents the search engine from flagging the webpage as duplicate content, resulting in lower rankings. There are many such essential considerations that need fulfilment to achieve high search engine listings.


Off Page Search Engine Optimisation


Off Page SEO is leveraging external factors to improve website ranking in the search engine. Search engines look not just at the internal contents of the website, but also external factors such as the reach of the website.

One key method of off page SEO is link building, or creating inbound links to the website. Such link building methods are many and include, among other practises, reciprocal link exchanges with other websites, listing the link Search Engine Optimisation Processto the website in online forums, newsletters, directories and other places and more.

However, blindly propagating the link to the website is counterproductive. The search engines provide a high rank to web pages with inbound links from relevant sources such as websites or forums related to the targeted keyword. On the other hand the search engine may construct too many links from unrelated sources as link spamming and push down the web page in ranking.

Businesses and webmasters looking to increase the popularity of their website need to take up SEO services that deliver the best onpage and off page SEO practises.

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