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Social Media Marketing is becoming a very popular form of marketing; it uses a wide array of social networking sites to show off new and existing products, new offers and to build a large brand name with potential customers. Social Networks have made it much easier and quicker to target and interact with potential customers and clients from around the world.

Social Media Marketing

The role of bookmarks in social media marketing!

Social Media Marketing when planning to drive traffic to your website or blog is one of the best and most cost-effective online avenues to use. However, social media is a vast array of networks and platforms. Navigating traffic from these platforms and networks can be an enormous challenge. In this case, you can leverage the practice of social media bookmarking. As a social tagging method, social media bookmarks help web surfers to search for, organise, store and manage bookmarks of their resources online.

Social Media Bookmarks have played a vital role in social media marketing!

Before the introduction of social media bookmarking the bloggers and website owners relied on other forms of SEO services and Adwords to navigate traffic to their sites from social media platforms. However, using social bookmark features and icons on social sites have changed the way web surfers keep their records of visited favourite websites, blog posts and articles.

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As a blogger or website owner, bookmark icons of social media platforms on your blog serve as vital design features on your website. Aside from the fact that these social bookmark icons add the uniqueness, artistry and beauty needed in web 2.0, they help social media platform visitors to bookmark their favourite articles, blog post and articles for future reference.

This way, they can easily return to such bookmarked sites. These web resources help bloggers and small business websites to promote their sites at little or no cost. For example, if you have social bookmarks of Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Twitter, you are creating an avenue for huge traffic to your site.

Since after its launch in April 1996, the practice of social media marketing has helped small businesses to enjoy cheap and quality direct Internet marketing.

It has also helped them to optimise their web pages on search engines. Social media marketing is a process by which websites and blogs drive traffic from social media platforms.

However, if you want to maximise the opportunities offered by social media marketing for promotion of your blogs and small businesses, start tapping into social media bookmarks.

This is the easiest way to navigate traffic from popular social media platforms to your own website or blog.

Social Media and Marketing: Let’s Create a Plan!

Before you even think about creating any social media marketing campaigns, you need to consider your business’s goals. Creating a social media marketing campaign on platforms like Facebook without a social strategy in place is like wandering around a wooded forest without a map!

Here are a few questions you need yourself ask when planning your social media marketing goals:

What are your main aims through the use of online social media marketing?

Do you know what your social media target audience is and what their demographic is?

What type of social media platforms do your defined audience use?

What kind of message do you want to send with social media marketing?

Social Marketing

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